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Introducing you to Elena Perminova 
Model wife of Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev, she is amongst my favorite fashion icons! She sits on all the runway front rows and always arrives in the most breathtaking looks. 
The photo above (by Vanessa Jackman before Giambattista Valli) is a perfect example of Elena’s on-point style. She usually chooses simple outfits but they always have the best fits and colors. The red above is the perfect shade in my opinion (although it’s partly due to the filter) and it’s so elegant. Her tall figure also accentuates the outfit. 
I actually had the pleasure of seeing her in person when I went to an Elie Saab couture show (the outfit she was wearing that day is here). I didn’t know who she was at the time but my friend knew her and told me she was so excited because Elena was her fashion icon. Elena then became one of my favorites and now I always look at the fashion show exit pictures to find her! I think her smile and presence also makes her look so radiant and with it. 
Well I know that was short but that’s all for now! I’ve made a pinterest board which is here if you want to see some of my favorite Elena looks!
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Shopping for your body type
Shopping for your body type can be tough sometimes. I mean, let’s face it, you know the feeling when you go try on the seemingly *perfect* pair of pants but disappointingly realize they don’t fit like the model pretends they do, it’s frustrating. Dressing for your body type is an art, and nothing less. I cannot count how many people I have seen walk out of a store, defeated, because they don’t know what to look for. Only about 2% of the world’s women are naturally as thin and tall as the models whose images we are constantly bombarded with. Your job, therefore, is to do some research before you go shopping. 
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Behind the blog: Peace, Love, Shea
Today’s fashion blogger spotlight is on Shea Marie! Read on to find out more about on of our favorite fashion bloggers. 
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Outfit of the Day by Mirela 
Boyfriend jeans are super comfortable! Moreover, it’s probably the easiest piece of clothing to get your hands on. It’s the ultimate item of clothing for Spring, Summer and Fall!

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